yasuko nakamura

Yasuko Nakamura is an illustrator / artist based in Seattle, WA.

My style is inspired by girl’s Manga, Kirie, Japanese traditional paintings and also through my experience designing stationary for the letterpress process. Mixing manual mediums such as hand drawings and the antique letterpress printing method with digital paintings I strive to create a feel of modern yet classical art. My passion for drawing was cultivated in Japan where I grew up, and I am still living strongly with it in the U.S., finding inspiration in mythical creatures, fairy tales, Venetian masks, dolls, costume design, Ballet, and Japanese textiles. I use these motifs as poetic storytellers within my visual world.

Also, music is very important to me. Rock, ballads, pops, classical...borderless music gives me imagination and motivation.


As an immigrant, introducing my Japanese roots through art is a way to express my cultural background and open a door to a border less audience.


antique letterpress

When I paint watercolor, I simply put a soaked wet paper on an acrylic board instead of taping all edges of paper on a wood board. Acrylic keeps the paper wet and it stays straight for a long time. Once it's dry, the paper starts warping, but its not too terrible. This method works for even large scale format and is so much easier for me.

I am a texture freak, I use water spray to create a misty background texture.  But not salt because this may ruin my painting eventually...


Here is the process of something I painted.

Pencil drawing, masking(yellow part), paint background first(always!), add more colors, paint main motif last, use color pencil for a little bit of drama.

I enjoy digital painting and b/w ink drawing as well.

Maybe it would be easier to speak who I am with less mediums and be more recognizable by the audience. But it is impossible for me to choose only one.  I believe I'll be on a life long journey for art with joy.


painting practice


my little sweet heart, Bevel. R.I.P....2021

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